What Are the Five Best Bets You Can Make on Soccer?

If you are a sports gambler but new to betting on soccer, beginning with the five best bets you can make on a soccer game will start your soccer gambling career off in the right direction.

Win-draw-win bets — The most simple bet on a soccer game is the win-draw-win bet.

That just means you either bet on one team to win, bet on the match ending in a draw or bet on the other team to win.

Parlay bets — One of the more difficult bets to place, but one that does offer the higher payouts, placing a parlay bet can be fun.

A parlay means you bet on two or more teams to win, but you only win the bet if all the teams you pick win their matches.

Point spreads — This is a good bet to place whether you are betting on the favorite team or the underdog.

A point spread bet means the bookmaker chooses a margin of victory between the two teams. You then choose to bet on either the favorite team or the underdog. You will win if the team you bet on makes the exact spread chosen or beats it. You will also win if they win the match.

Double chance — If you want to place a bet with a high probability of a win, the double chance bet is a good choice.

With this bet you will be given three options and you have to bet on two of them. If either are correct, you win.

Draw no bet — An easy bet to make, a draw no bet means you must bet on one of the teams playing to win.

You then win if that team wins but, if there is a draw, your bet is returned to you. To know more information visit ufabet.

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